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       Art Count 2000, A Census and Exhibition of Virginia’s Visual Artists, created an inclusive, dynamic installation and database of the visual arts community in Virginia.  The Art Count 2000 Exhibition is celebrating, promoting and initiating a more public presence for the abundant and talented community of visual artists. It  reveals the economic impact and cultural contributions of artists to the state. The Virginia Association of Museums, in conjunction with the Virginia Department of Tourism has awarded 1708 the funds to implement this census; installation, networking and data gathering project. Our goal is to partner with other statewide art galleries and art organizations to compile a comprehensive database of Virginia visual artists and tour the Art Count 2000 installation throughout the state.

        The concept of this exhibition involved bringing as many statewide artists into 1708 Gallery as possible, literally filling every spare space with visual art “made in Virginia.” Postcards measuring 4.5" x 6.25" included a tear-away survey and, after completion by the participating artists were laminated in long polyvinyl banners that are suspended in a grid-like fashion from floor to ceiling. This results in a gallery installation that glimmers like the city skyline, yet on closer inspection reveals the goals, dreams and memories of a vibrant artist community.

        1708 is also recruiting volunteers, grant dollars and investment partners for the creation of a virtual gallery which will accommodate images and information shown in ART COUNT 2000, as well as include links to sister organizations, individual artists sites, etc. The virtual gallery will include at least one image and survey information of every artist who participates in the census. Participating organizations will have the opportunity to curate a media based exhibition that is part of a the Curator’s Round table Statewide Exhibition Initiative - (working title) Virginia Artists: Medium Rare - A Statewide Arts Initiative. The virtual gallery and installation will be a resource for curating these exhibitions scheduled for fall of 2002. The goal of 1708 is to initiate 100% participation of ALL visual artists- from award winning artists throughout the state as well as those that participate in the arts on a regional, community and grass roots level, including filmmakers, photographers, environmental, performance, folk, book and craft artists, etc.






by Amie Oliver, project facilitator and chair 



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