1708 Gallery: Art Count 2000,         
 A Census and Exhibition of Virginia's Visual Artists

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1708's Mission:

             1708 Gallery is committed to expanding the understanding, development and    appreciation of contemporary art and it strives to give public exposure and opportunity to   emerging and established artists. 1708 offers an opportunity for the public to investigate  and discover the most recent developments in contemporary art. Through diverse  exhibitions such as ART COUNT 2000, educational programs and services for artists and  the community, the gallery provides a forum for dialogue that contributes to the development  and creation of culture.                 

 As the Second Oldest Artist Run Organization in the United States...

            With a unique  board of directors that is a combination of artist members and community members there is a dynamic dialogue that bridges the realm of what is possible with realistic goals.  Artist members are professional artists who determine and participate in the fulfilling of 1708 Gallery's mission. 1708 Gallery's community members are those that provide pro bono services to the organization, serve on committees and participate by supporting the programs that support 1708's mission. Associate artists are those who desire to participate in 1708 Gallery by volunteering their time at special events and opening receptions and by providing financial support.  Associate artists are selected through a slide review process and are voted in by Artist members. They are invited to participate in 1708's off site  community exchange exhibitions at Wella USA.  Associates are invited to participate in Associate artist exhibitions as well as annual fundraising group shows.

           All of the effort extended by the artists and community members results in exhibitions that range from in-depth one person shows of painting and sculpture to large comprehensive group exhibitions and include numerous environmental installations, performances, video and film presentations, and reading series for writers and include other cutting edge non-commercial new art forms.

          These programs and exhibitions have been presented, free to the public, six days a week, ten months a year and have been presented with the highest professional practices and standards.

1708's History:

           In 1978, twenty-one artists in Richmond, Virginia pooled their resources to open Virginia's first artist-directed gallery. Founded and incorporated as 1708 EAST MAIN, Inc.; the membership set out to provide a forum for "cutting edge" art that was not being adequately represented in for-profit galleries. Since its inception, 1708 has provided exhibition opportunities for more than 2000 artists primarily from Richmond.
by Amie Oliver, project facilitator and chair

1708 Gallery
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