New Realities / Digital Transformations

   Many photographers today use the computer as a tool to enhance and combine images into something other than a "straight or normal" photograph. The show will explore how the artist/photographer changes reality using the computer to create images of the imagination, previously possible only with extensive darkroom manipulation, painting, collage, or copy work.

Lopez Picture

Martina Lopez

  The artists included in the show are Martina Lopez and Stephen Marc from Chicago, Peggy Anne Jones and Ellen Land-Weber from California, Jeannie Pearce from Philadelphia, Alida Fish from Delaware, Olivia Parker from Massachusetts, John Paul Caponigro from Maine and Anne Savedge from Richmond.
   Martina Lopez uses old photos, of her own and other families to create surreal landscapes which show a reconstructed past.. These 4'x 5' Ilfochrome prints have a depth and complexity.
Stephen Marc, on the other hand, uses African textiles and wrought iron designs with snapshots from family archives to create large black and white tapestry images. He is exploring his heritage by weaving together his ideas, memories and discoveries to create a large 6'x9' montage.


Marc Picture

Stephen Marc

Fish picture

Alida Fish

Alida Fish uses life casts of people and photographs of their faces combined digitally to create a sculptural form. In her work, time is frozen into an archaeological artifact void of context.

Ellen Land-Weber is writing a book, The Rescuers, on the Internet. Her collages and constructions combine scans of images from textbooks with real landscapes. 

Land-Webber Picture

Ellen Land-Webber

An Urchin in the Storm

John Paul Caponigro

John Paul Caponigro uses images of nature, which increase the viewer's tendency towards anthropomorphization. The work brings to light new psychological presence, initiating a set of spiritual confrontations.


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