New Realities / Digital Transformations

Jeannie Pearce uses technology to intensify and modify the surface definitions of tools, which have been in her family for generations. She explores the definition of tools as objects and and as people controlled by others.

Pearce Picture

Jeannie Pearce

Parker Picture

Olivia Parker

Olivia Parker has expanded on the enigmatic context of her still life work by using the computer as an artists tool. She uses toys, games and teaching aids to tell tales of constantly changing perceptions of what is real in the human mind.


Peggy Anne Jones, a pinhole photographer, has created a book, Kabuto Mushi, of digital images from pinhole photos. Her other series, the Mitama, or "spirit of the dead" in Japanese, consists of images of vessels which are left by grave sites.


Jones Picture

Peggie Anne Jones

Long Fountain

Anne Savedge

Anne Savedge, organizer of the show, photographs subjects in and under water which are combined with reflections of themselves creating a new image. Her work explores the distortions caused by reflection and refraction of light, as well as the color and texture of the water itself.


When artist/ photographers create new realities by using the computer, possibilities for future discovery are infinite.

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