Stephen Marc


 Soul Searching / Digital Montage Series

These digital montages are primarily autobiographical, combining my photographs, drawings, and computer generated imagery with snapshots from the family archives and collected antique photographs. They are an eclectic blend that weave together my ideas, memories, and discoveries in order to enshrine the symbols and curios of my life into cryptic combinations that take on a life of their own. As I follow a romantic notion of the ancestral path, self portraiture remains an important element.

The background patterns are based on a fascination with tile, textile and wrought iron designs. They embrace a variety of influences, especially those of African origan. The different components are stacked or isolated in their own compartments more often than they are seamlessly merged. The montages almost function like assemblages placed on fabric.

Stephen Marc #1

Stephen Marc #2

 The juxtapositions are intended to create mythic images that combine a sense of implied narrative with the presence of ritual. The montages address cultural coding as well as private enigma. They usually contain elements which reflect an African American identity and refer to the complex relationships with mainstream society.

Stephen Marc